About Joy

Thanks for stopping by! I’m Joy Givens, an educating, caffeinating writer of stories and the lucky mother of several small superheroes. By day, I coordinate an after-school program for refugee and immigrant children in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; dream up new recipes for my hungry loved ones; and occasionally conquer Laundry Mountain. By night, I write fiction for children and young adults. By morning, I’m usually quite tired but excited to do it all again.

I’m proud to be professionally represented by Danielle Chiotti of Upstart Crow Literary. My previously published works include the novel Ugly Stick, the short story collection April’s Roots, the nonfiction guide The New SAT Handbook (co-authored with Andrew Cole), and several pieces of award-winning short fiction, most recently published in WOW! Women on Writing, the anthologies Beach Life and Beach Fun (Cat & Mouse Press, 2017; 2018), the anthology Five Minutes at Hotel Stormcove (Atthis Arts, 2019), the anthology Community of Magic Pens (Atthis Arts, 2020), and the anthology City in a Wild Garden (The Nature of Cities, 2021).

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