Persons Unknown (Adventures in Grammar #4)

Raindrops pelted Elysia’s cloche hat and dark curls as she alighted from the cab, luggage in hand. Nightfall was an hour off, but the dreary March weather had felt like twilight all day, and a broken engagement hadn’t helped. Elysia was supposed to board a late train for her wedding trip tonight, but her would-beContinue reading “Persons Unknown (Adventures in Grammar #4)”

Just A Chair

This is a chair. Just a chair. Its seat is made of straw. Straw is not a strong material. The first Little Pig built his house out of piled-up straw. He is presented as an example of recklessness and shortsightedness. For good reason—who would build a house with something so weak? Each piece of strawContinue reading “Just A Chair”