Samson and the Mountain (Adventures in Grammar #2)

This is the story of Samson, a very independent boy. Samson does everything by himself. Even when he really needs the help, he insists on doing everything on his own. “I’ll do it by myself!” he declares, with bright eyes and little fists. Samson loves to climb. He climbs trees, rocks, the doghouse in hisContinue reading “Samson and the Mountain (Adventures in Grammar #2)”

A Tale of Three Sisters (Adventures in Grammar #1)

In a faraway land, there once lived three sisters, each quite lovely and quite contrary. They were always arguing—with passersby and with each other. The youngest sister was called But. Her name was a sore spot; it often made her the rump of jokes. She always crafted quick, clear arguments, but she interjected a lot.Continue reading “A Tale of Three Sisters (Adventures in Grammar #1)”

The Importance of “Show, Don’t Tell”

Three Sundays ago, I had the pleasure of attending a writers’ retreat. One of the workshops there focused on the concept of “show, don’t tell,” one of the bedrock principles of effective writing. “Show, don’t tell” means that a writer should describe characters and actions in ways that draw readers into the moment. A writerContinue reading “The Importance of “Show, Don’t Tell””